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7000.00 TK Other currencies88.90 USD - Dhaka (Dhaka) - November 30, 2015

We at ECHO ADVERTISERS welcome you to a refreshingly new means of advertising. We provide you with ideal advertisement solutions for intensive ad campaigns that will leave a lasting impression on the consumer’s mind through our giant balloons and blimps soaring in the skies ...

Vinyl, Penaflex & Digital printing ডিজিটাল প???রিন???টিং

250.00 TK Other currencies3.18 USD - Dhaka (Dhaka) - April 17, 2015

ইকো ???ডে নানা ধরনের ডিজিটাল ব???যানার তৈরী হয়। ডিজিটাল ব???যানার নানা ধরনের হয়। উপকরণ ও প???রিন???টের ভিন???নতার কারণে ???কেক ধরনের ডিজিটাল ব???যানারের কাজ ও খরচ আলাদা। ডিজিটাল ব???যানারের মধ???যে রয়েছে সাধারণ ব???যানার, ফেস???ট???ন, প???যানাফ???লেক???স, রিভার???স, ভিনাইল, ক???লিয়ার মিডিয়া, ক???লথ ...

সাইনবোর???ড নির???মাণ

250.00 TK Other currencies3.18 USD - Dhaka (Dhaka) - January 23, 2015

আমরা সবধরনের আন???তর???জাতিক মানসম???পন???ন সাইনবোর???ড নির???মাণে সূদীর???ঘ ২৫ বৎসরের অভিজ???ঞতাসম???পন???ন ???কটি প???রতিষ???ঠান। আমরা আমাদের উৎপাদিত ত???রিমাত???রিক বা 3D সাইনবোর???ড, নিয়ন সাইন, ???লইডি সাইনবোর???ড, ডিজিটাল ও প???যানাফ???লেক???স সম???হ বাংলাদেশের প???রায় সকল বিভাগ ও জেলাসম???হে ?...

Billboards & Unipoles in Bangladesh

25000.00 TK Other currencies317.50 USD - () - December 10, 2014

ECHO ADVERTISERS provide a full complement of outdoor advertising agency services including planning, designing, execution, control and competitive client advertising monitoring. We offer services at national level for Billboards, Uni-poles, Over-bridges, Wall & Bui...

3D Sign Board Maker In Dhaka, Bangladesh

2500.00 TK Other currencies31.75 USD - Dhaka (Dhaka) - December 10, 2014

  ECHO AD have many years Experience in the Sign Making industry. We are a well established sign company based in Dhaka and are one of the leading sign manufacturers in the Bangladesh. We only use the very latest technology, equipment and the finest quality materials. Our fully qualified and ex...

LED SIGN Maker in Dhaka, Bangladesh

7000.00 TK Other currencies88.90 USD - Dhaka (Dhaka) - December 10, 2014

LED SIGNS ECHO AD is a well-established entity involved in offering admirable quality Neon Sign Boards with Acrylic Covering Letter, ACP Router Cutting & Acrylic Solid letters and Flex & Front Board. We are also manufacturers and suppliers of a quality assured conglomerate of LED Displa...


7000.00 TK Other currencies88.90 USD - Dhaka (Dhaka) - December 10, 2014

Neon Signs in Bangladesh Neon Signs ! That's what we are all about ! We are your One-Stop-Shop for all your Indoor & Outdoor Sign advertising needs. We specialize in Neon, LED and other illuminated signs including point-of-purchase signs. We offer durable Vinyl Graphic and Plastic backlit outdoo...

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